Friday, 22 Jun, 2018

Colleges and Universities

Recent tragedies have brought safety and security to the forefront at our colleges and universities, often considered as sanctuaries and protected places. We understand these issues, and we will work with school administrators to provide the best security plan for individual schools while maintaining a free-to-learn environment and respecting each school's unique culture. These issues are important in the recruitment of new students.

The professionals at ProActive Protective Solutions can assist you with providing a link between intervention and prevention by:

  • Creating an optimum plan for comprehensive school safety and security
  • Providing campus patrols with officers who are trained specifically in dealing with students, faculty and campus visitors
  • Detering and managing on-campus violence
  • Providing school security assessments
  • Evaluating and refining response security measures

Helping schools prepare for safety issues

Too frequently the news reports high-profile incidents that can happen anytime, anywhere. As your campus security services provider, ProActive Protective Solutions will work with you to help be prepared for everyday and unexpected safety issues. We design and implement a campus security solution that addresses your specific objectives.

Through our advanced campus training programs, we'll support your protocols as they relate to the Clery Act and the Higher Education Act of 2008. After all, creating a safe environment is one of the most important things you can do to foster parental peace of mind and drive continued enrollment

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