Saturday, 26 May, 2018

Cultural Security

In recent years, even cultural institutions and churches have become a target for violence. ProActive Protective Solutions' security solutions are a valuable resource to aid churches and synagogues or other institutions that have significant security concerns and needs.

We can help your church or institution develop a comprehensive plan to address all of your security goals and help members and visitors feel safe and secure.

Many museums, theaters, concert halls and other cultural venues have considerable assets to protect, and because they are open to the public they have a variety of security needs. We will work closely with our clients to develop a security program that best meets their needs. We know that your venue requires security officers that will appropriately represent you and can be knowledgeable and friendly while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Our hiring and training criteria will concentrate on your security requirements, while incorporating the customer service aspects of your venue. ProActive Protective Solutions will not only provide consistent and reliable service, but also security officers who convey trust and confidence as well as possess a professional demeanor.

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