Friday, 22 Jun, 2018

Healthcare Security

Working with healthcare security professionals to help meet their goals

Whether your facility has a 10 or a 5,000-per-day patient flow, ProActive Protective Solutions will help enhance your environment of care.

With the persistent risk of reduced reimbursement levels from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), it's more critical than ever that your facility invest in sophisticated hospital security services that will help:

Effectively manage the threat of, and reduce incidents of, workplace violence from both visitors and patients

Maximize the safety and security of your employees, physicians, patients, and visitors

Protect your facility's investment in its internal and external property and supplies

Provide peace of mind for your employees, physicians, patients, and visitors through a visible, professional security presence

ProActive can not only help you achieve those goals, but we'll also work to help your facility continuously achieve the security compliance benchmarks to meet the Environment of Care standards for The Joint Commission accreditation.

And perhaps most importantly, we'll aim to reduce your healthcare security costs along the way.

ProActive Protective Solutions understands the enormous responsibility and extreme risk factors healthcare facilities face due to the constant traffic of patients, visitors and staff. Through careful planning and assessment, we can guide you by providing proactive solutions to ensure not only the safety of patients, staff and visitors, but also total security of your facility through these areas and more:

  • Perimeter Security/Regular Patrols
  • Fire Safety
  • Emergency Room Security
  • Patient Confidentiality
  • Crisis Management
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