Friday, 22 Jun, 2018

Account Managers

Our A.M.'s are usually dressed sharply in suits daily. Depending on the environment or our clients' preference, this could change. Our A.M.'s will have direct contact with designated high level management of our client. They are available to make crucial and critical decisions that are usually time sensitive. Our A.M.'s will meet with our site supervisors and officers to make sure everyone has the same instructions and procedures.

An extensive management support system guarantees that our clients receive prompt attention and responsiveness from branch and corporate management staff. Our experienced Management Team maintains daily contact with:

Account Managers - The Critical Difference

  • Dedicated to your account.
  • Expert on your site and your needs.

Whether handling a single site or several, ProActive Protective Solutions' Account Managers are critical to our business partnerships. These Account Managers are empowered to run their accounts and are typically rewarded through incentive compensation for performance in key functional areas.

Overseeing all planning, hiring, training, scheduling, supervision and administrative functions, our local management team is both accessible and accountable. With intimate knowledge of your market, ProActive Protective Solutions' staff can provide a proactive security program and the right solution for your site.

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